Meet the first member of our non-fungible family, Grumpy Grandpa.
5,400 unique seniors retired to the Solana blockchain.










Verified Grumpy Guardians are given an all-access membership to Del SOL Assisted Living. This is a retirement feature on the Solana blockchain for our retirement community. Del SOL puts family first, hosting a monthly bingo night where grandpas and their guardians can socialize and play for a chance at exclusive prizes and member benefits. With all that Del SOL has to offer, it will be a wonder how your grandpa is still so damn grumpy.

50% of all royalties earned from post mint sales will go into a community fund to further development.  Our community will vote each month on what the funds should be used for.  If the community decides to use the funds for altruistic purposes 100% of royalties for that month will be donated to the charity chosen.

A limited Grumpy Grandpa Merch Drop will be available to Grumpy Guardians featuring shirts, hats & hoodies with your own Grumpy Grandpa. Check out our Merch store to see what’s available.

GrumpyTube will be launching its own animated web series. Episodes will be released every other week and can be viewed on GrumpyTube. Each episode will feature a Grumpy with a different attribute. Money made by the team from the mint will be used to advertise the episodes each week on social media platforms targeting all those interested in the NFT market.

We introduce the next member of our non-fungible family who will remain a mystery for the time being. If you’re holding a Grumpy Grandpa during the launch of our next NFT you will be airdropped a free NFT of the latest addition to our family. This is done to not only encourage holding our Grumpy’s but to drive demand back up around March/April of 2022.

GrumpyTube S2:E1 – “Grumpy’s Got Company”: The Grumpy Crew debuts its newest members in Season 2 on GrumpyTube So grab a Grumpy and join the community for some wholesome non-fungible family fun.

We’re not going to promise you anything more as the NFT space is just beginning to develop and by October 2022 who knows what will be possible, all our team knows is that we’ll be at the forefront of the movement.

For every grandpa minted $5 USD will be donated to United Veterans Beacon House, a non for profit organization servicing veterans and veteran families each year providing the support and specialized services needed for their return to independence.

Rep your Grumpy!  Grumpy Grandpa merchandise is available at our online store.  After the mint, we will be giving out free merchadise to Grumpy holders through weekly giveaways.  Custom shirts, hats & hoodies will also be available if you’d like one made up of your specific Grumpy!


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Public Sale begins on Veterans Day November 11th, 2021 at 11pm UTC.


There will be 5,400 Grumpy Grandpa NFT’s.


Minting will occur right here. The mint button above will be activated at 11pm UTC on November 11th.


Royalties are 5% for every trade post mint with 2.5% going to a community fund ran by holders.


Pre-sale opportunities are now closed.